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Mungus – Mazatapec Magic Mushroom

The true OG of mushrooms, this powerful catalyst of ancient tribal ritual still has many worlds to reveal to modern psilocybin enthusiasts. Effects include creativity, euphoria, joy, spiritual, and visual hallucinations.

Mungus – McKennaiis Magic Mushroom


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The McKennaiis magic mushrooms first appeared on the scene in the early 2000s in Holland. McKennaiis magic mushrooms are popular in the Amsterdam drug culture. Users report McKennaiis is powerful and sometimes it is euphoric, and sometimes it is much more introspective and deep.

Mungus – Mexican Dutch King Magic Mushroom

Effects are creativity, euphoria, happy,  joy, relaxed, visual hallucinations.

Mungus – Monster Mack Magic Mushrooms (PREMIUM)

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Mungus – Penis Envy Uncut Magic Mushrooms (VERY POTENT)

Penis Envy Uncut Magic Mushrooms (PREMIUM) is the most strongest of the Penis Envy family. Its effects include vivid visual stimulation, deep feelings of euphoria, intense feelings of joy. The effects are very similar to PE, with perhaps even greater intensity. The “uncut” name is derived from the lack of a foreskin-like gelatinous membrane separating the cap and stem which is present on almost all other cubensis strains.

Mungus – Rustic White Albino Magic Mushrooms

The Rustic White Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) are excellent for beginners that are looking for a great first experience. They are albino shrooms because of the unique rusty red spores they showcase. The effects include healing the mind and spirit, enlightenment and connect to nature allowing introspective thoughts.

Mungus – SyZygy Magic Mushroom


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SyZygy cubensis strain is very potent. The SyZygy does live up the hype with plenty of potencies in dense medium-sized fruits over multiple prolific flushes. Definitely a great strain for any serious collector.

Mungus – Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms

Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom was discovered in the state of Florida. Treasure Coast magic mushrooms are known for the intense psychoactive journeys it takes users on. Treasure Coast Mushrooms are high levels of psilocybin, and eating them or consuming them in a tea will plunge users into a psychedelic experience involving sensory distortions, hallucinations, as well as creative thoughts and new perceptions of reality.

Mungus – Vietnamese Magic Mushrooms

Vietnamese Magic Mushrooms was first discovered for the first time in Cuba in 1906. Vietnamese Magic Mushrooms are known for a good balance of spiritual and visual effects and have golden caps and are generally medium to large in size.

Orange – 3000MG Magic Mushroom Star Gummies (Mushee)

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Orange Gummy Bears – 1000MG Magic Mushroom (Mushee)

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Puerto Rican Magic Mushrooms

Puerto Rican Magic Mushrooms The Puerto Rican is known for it’s VERY potent effects and extremely rizomorphic mycellium. Puerto Rican