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African Transkei – Mushroom

African Transkei – Mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis Transkei magic mushrooms originate from the continent of Africa. Also know as SATs, these shrooms are

Albino Avery Mushroom

Albino Avery shrooms, is one of the rare mushies around. Albino Avery is popular due to its long-lasting physical high. It’s a magical mushroom for experienced consumers due to its intense and quick come-up effects from psilocybin. Also, users experience mood-elevation, euphoria, and excitement within ten to thirty minutes after the use. Depending on your dosage level, you can experience mild to intense visual improvements.

B+ Magic Mushrooms

B+ Magic Mushrooms B+ Cubensis Magic Mushroom is for trippers who are interested in taking magic mushrooms for the first

Cambodian Mushrooms

Cambodian Mushrooms Here comes the “Sativa of Mushrooms”, the Cambodian Mushrooms. Many users associate that title with this strain because

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms No education is higher than unraveling the universe’s mysteries for yourself and that is exactly the

Huatla Magic Mushrooms

Huatla Magic Mushrooms The tall, thin, and uniquely capped appearance of the Huatla Mushrooms may give you an innocent and

Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms

Malabar Coast Magic Mushrooms This mushroom of moderate potency is a great socially stimulating and energetic experience. Effects include feelings

Mungus – Albino Penis Envy (PREMIUM)

APE Albino Penis Envy is the strongest of the PE variants. Its effects include vivid visual stimulation,  intense feelings of euphoria, uncontrollable laughter, and joy, along with periods of deep introspective and philosophical thought.

Mungus – Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms (PREMIUM)

Buy Aztec Gods Magic Mushrooms If you’re looking for one of the most potent and ancient cannabis traditions — nothing

Mungus – Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom

Blue Meanie Magic Mushroom is an elevated potency mushroom strain. Its effects include euphoria, extreme happiness, synesthesia, uplifting energetic feelings, visual stimulation, and vibration felt throughout the body. Its visual characteristics include medium/large fruiting bodies with thick, dense stalks and a golden caramel to tan, often white speckled cap.

Mungus – Brazilian Magic Mushrooms

The Brazilian Magic Mushrooms are a unique strain with small stems and massive hats. Brazilians are ideal for beginners and excellent for those looking to get an amazing psychedelic experience. The effects include euphoric, laughter, creative imagination, energetic and connected with inner self.

Mungus – Burmese Magic Mushrooms


Buy the best Burmese Magic Mushrooms

Burmese Magic Mushrooms are famous for their great potential and potency. Users of these magic mushrooms have reported a strong high, and good insight, but only when used in small volumes. The results and outcomes of these magical mushrooms are based on your setting and environment and they can differ individually.