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Blueberry Pie Strain

SKU: BBP-C4R-90990

Blueberry Pie Strain Online

Blueberry Pie is an indica-leaning hybrid that comes from legendary parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. These award-winning genetics joined forces to create a delicious and potent strain. Get ready for a tasty blueberry flavour and dreamy cerebral buzz.

Bonkers Strain

SKU: BKS-C4R-01995

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Bonkers is the hybridized brainchild of the British Columbia-based Next Generation Seed Company. Originally engineered to thrive outdoors in BC’s wet and temperature rainforest climate, Bonkers combines Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica and ruderalis to create a strain that’s as powerful as it is hardy.

Brooklyn Mango

SKU: BMS-C4R-19021
Coming at you straight out of NYC’s most popular borough is Brooklyn Mango! This sativa-dominant hybrid has everything you need to enjoy the city come day or night. Deliciously tropical with an earthy and gassy finish, this strain delivers euphoria, energy and sociability like no other strain. With 18-21% THC on average, this strain is able to be enjoyed by tokers of all skill levels!

Bruce Banner

SKU: BBS-C4R-00195
Bruce Banner is a hybrid weed strain that definitely packs a punch. Just like the Incredible Hulk, this Bruce Banner is also incredibly strong and powerful, leaving you feeling energized and euphoric - but not aggressive! It is a 65% Sativa-leaning hybrid, with fluorescent green buds with some purplish hue running through them.

Bubba Cookies

SKU: BCS-C4R-12377
Bubba Cookies is a rare, Indica-dominant strain that’s incredibly potent and dangerously delicious. It offers a sweet, dessert-like flavour with a deep skunk and pungent aroma. This craft cannabis strain will surely relieve any stress and offer you a night of deep relaxation.

Cake Crasher Strain

SKU: CCS-C4R-00010

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Cake Crasher is a celebration-Prepared strain deserving of its bold identify. Bred by combining Wedding Cake and Wedding  Crasher, this hybrid strain is 1 get together crasher you’ll welcome with open up arms.

California Orange

SKU: CAOS-C4R-87921

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Enjoy a blast from the past with California Orange. A balanced 50/50 hybrid, this tangy strain is as zesty as it is potent. Sweet, Smooth, and spicy, Cali Orange will stimulate, alleviate, and sedate – all in one!

California Orange Strain

SKU: COS-C4R-00510

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California Orange has a long and storied history. Originally coming to light in the 1980s during a time when reefer madness was still in full swing and cannabis cultivators were unable to discuss their trade, trademark their strains, or openly trade clones.

Candy Jack Strain

SKU: CJS-C4R-00250

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Candy Jack is a well-balanced Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain known for providing a swift boost to the mood. This remarkable strain is the result of the combination between Skunk and Jack Herer Strains.

Cereal Milk Strain

SKU: CMS-C4R-00895

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Cereal Milk is a hybrid strain that’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning with your favorite bowl of cereal and cartoons!

Cheese And Chong Strain

SKU: CNCS-C4R-00370

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A sativa dominant hybrid and a cross of Exodus Cheese and Casey Jones. It has euphoric and motivating effects, and is used by patients for energy and daytime pain relief. Cheese & Chong’s sharp sour aroma is reminiscent of a sharp pungent cheese. This unique smell will surely make this strain standout.


SKU: CDS-C4R-76590

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Sit back and be prepared to have your mind blown by the astounding cerebral power of this THC-rich strain. Chemdawg has a little something for everybody. It’s a full-body experience that begs for your awareness. Chemdawg’s fast-acting sativa dominant traits lead to a clear, head-based effect.