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Blueberry Strain

SKU: BBS-C4R-00879

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Blueberry is an indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown true parentage. This bud has been traced back to the early 70’s when the infamous American breeder DJ Short started playing around with different landrace strains, ultimately resulting in this insanely delicious variety.

Cereal Milk Strain

SKU: CMS-C4R-00895

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Cereal Milk is a hybrid strain that’s better than waking up on a Saturday morning with your favorite bowl of cereal and cartoons!

Chiesel Strain

SKU: CHS-C4R-51785

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Chiesel strain is a Sativa-leaning Hybrid which offers a uniquely focused and creative high that enthusiasts absolutely love, provided they can deal with the funky taste. Chiesel is a great mood enhancer: when medicating, it uplifts, energizes, and brings about a general sense of euphoria.

Custom 420 Edibles

Note: The packaging of this product has been re-designed, and you will receive random packaging.

Durban Poison Strain

SKU: DPS-C4R-00910

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Durban Poison is the perfect sativa strain for a wake and bake. Famous for its energizing effects, this strain gained mass popularity all over the world for its sweet smell and uplifting effects.


SKU: GS-C4R-11195

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Gelato is a strain that will soothe your body and ignite your mind! A happy and euphoric strain, it’s excellent for social occasions. It’s almost trippy, with laidback and mellow effects. Gelato has a way of boosting creativity with body effects that are relaxing without knocking you out.

Jamaican Haze

SKU: JHS-C4R-11871

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With up to 19-21% THC, this strain is ideal for daytime usage and those who enjoy a wake and bake.

Mac 1 Strain

SKU: MAC!-C4R-00788

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Mac 1, also known as the Miracle Alien Cookies X1 strain, is a potent strain with mysterious origins. It’s been backcrossed behind many Mac strains to produce an offspring that is simply legendary. This particular strain is grown organically from our producers so that you can taste the beauty of it’s genetics.

MAC 10 Strain

Buy Mac 10 Strain Online MAC 10, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies 10,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain with a super high 32% average THC level. Get ready for a crazy ride because its heavy cerebral effects will launch you into outer space and leave you there.

Pineapple Express Strain

SKU: PSS-C4R-00488

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The Pineapple Express is considered one of the greatest weeds of all time because of its role in a famous stoner movie. This sativa dominant hybrid will take your mind through a heightened sense of focus and empower you through a wild adventure.

Pink Runtz Strain

SKU: PKR-C4R-00150

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Pink Runtz Strain is a  cross between the two sweet strains of Gelato and Zkittlez, Pink Runtz inherits much from its parents. Featuring a sweet, candy-like flavour and an intense yet stimulating mind and body high, Pink Runtz is all you need for a dangerously sweet time!

Wedding Cake Strain

SKU: WDCS-C4R-00300

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Wedding Cake is anything but a shy bride! This indica-leaning hybrid strain sets itself apart with large, coloured flowers. Tightly curling leaves go with the densely-packed buds. The leaves have earthy colours of dark green and brown, painted with orange hairs.