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Chocolate Fondue Strain

SKU: CFS-C4R-00900

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A potent cross between Chocolope and Exodus Cheese, this sweet, dessert-like strain delivers a relaxing yet energizing euphoric rush that’s hard to forget. If you’re looking for a delicious treat but don’t want the extra calories, this strain lets you have your cake and eat it, too!

Comatose Strain

SKU: CMT-C4R-00690

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This strain is a popular choice amongst smokers who like relaxing and hard-hitting highs. Also known as Coma Kush, the lineage of this bud remains a mystery, yet it has generally been concluded that the genetics are impressive enough to have produced a strain as powerful as this one. Up to 20-22% THC Flavors: Tropical, Sweet, Earthy Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry Medical Uses: Pain, Insomnia, Stress, Inflammation, Depression  

Creme Brulee Strain

SKU: CRB-C4R-00020

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Creme Brulee is really a exceptional indica-dominant hybrid. It was originally bred by Emerald Relatives Farms. This charming hybrid is the results of an epic a few-way of legendary father or mother strains Platinum Kush, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies.

Crescendo Strain

SKU: CDS-C4R-99321
Named for the musical term, Crescendo brings on a high that builds and builds until you hit the point of pure happiness and ease.

Crunch Berries Strain

SKU: CBS-C4R-00538

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Crunch Berries is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the Triple OG and blueberry strain. Named after the classic cereal, Crunch Berries is an indica-dominant hybrid bound to be your next go-to strain.

Death Bubba Strain

SKU: DBS-C4R-00065

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Bow down to Death Bubba! This indica-dominant hybrid packs a punch, with THC levels ranging from 22-27%. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart! We guarantee you’ve never felt relaxation quite like this. Death Bubba hits hard with powerful, euphoric cerebral effects and a potent body buzz.

Dosi Cheesequake Strain

SKU: PFOG-C4R-18169
What do you get when you combine the dank and sweet Do-si-Dos strain with Cheesequake? Dosi Cheesequake. A heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain offers a potent and powerful blend of strong indica effects.

Durban Poison Strain

SKU: DPS-C4R-00910

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Durban Poison is the perfect sativa strain for a wake and bake. Famous for its energizing effects, this strain gained mass popularity all over the world for its sweet smell and uplifting effects.

El Jefe Strain

SKU: EJFS-C4R-00100

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El Jefe is really an unusually darkish weed: it’s deep green with occasional flashes of darkish purple. It’s also super sticky and has fairly visible area trichomes. Buy El Jefe Strain Online.  

Forbidden Fruit

SKU: FFS-C4R-77954
A delicious combination between the strains of Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a tantalizing aroma and terpene profile. Packing an average THC content of 24 to 26%, this strain is definitely not for beginners! Delivering calming and sedative effects with its smooth and fruity smoke, Forbidden Fruit is best enjoyed as a nightcap before bed or as a nighttime treat!

Fruity Pebbles OG

SKU: FPOG-C4R-77811

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Fruity Pebbles OG is a strain that will give you a mental buzz from head to toe. Almost like a psychedelic experience, your senses are enhanced and your creativity begins to explore. This strain also got a serious case of giggles, making it almost impossible not to laugh!

Garlic Breath

SKU: GBS-C4R-320415

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As soon as you crack open a jar of Garlic Breath, the pungent smell will hit you like a ton of bricks. If you can get past the garlicky aroma, get ready to experience some pretty powerful effects.