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Sweet Tooth Strain

SKU: STS-C4R31640

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With nugs garnished in a sugary coated frosting, Sweet Tooth is sure to deliver a lazy and relaxing high that will have you coming back for more!

Tom Ford Pink Kush

SKU: TFPK-C4R-78900
Tom Ford Pink Kush is considered one of the most luxurious-looking strains in the cannabis world. This high THC concentration will have you kicking back and relaxing in style!

Trainwreck Strain

SKU: TRWS-C4R-00980

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The Trainwreck Strain is a mind-bending hybrid with potent sativa effects that hit like a freight train. Mexican and Thai sativas were bred with Afghani indicas to produce this Northern California staple

Treasure Island Strain

SKU: TIS-C4R-00860

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Treasure Island Strain strain has strong earthy overtones, followed by gentle hints of sweet citrus. Treasure Island averages a THC to CBD ratio of approximately 1:4. This strain’s primarily sativa genetics also makes it an ideal medicine for daytime use.

Truffle Butter Strain

SKU: TBS-C4R-11475

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Truffle Butter is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Gelato and Chocolate Kush strains. In terms of sweet flavor, nothing can beat Truffle Butter!

UK Cheese Strain

SKU: UKC-C4R-07707

UK Cheese Strain Online

Sometimes, all you want is a smoke session with some stinky cannabis. UK Cheese is your strain, a potent and popular hybrid reminiscent of pungent smoky cheese. UK Cheese has a pretty good split between head and body high. It is extremely cerebral and euphoric. On the exhale its flavors taste very pungent, leaving an obvious trace of sweetness and cheese on your tongue. Think of it as a replacement for your post-work beer.

Unicorn Poop Strain

SKU: UPS-C4R-44573
Unicorn Poop Strain is a rare find! Get ready for a powerful head high that’s also uplifting and euphoric. It’ll leave you feeling happy, creative, and motivated!

Wedding Cake Strain

SKU: WDCS-C4R-00300

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Wedding Cake is anything but a shy bride! This indica-leaning hybrid strain sets itself apart with large, coloured flowers. Tightly curling leaves go with the densely-packed buds. The leaves have earthy colours of dark green and brown, painted with orange hairs.

Wedding Crasher Strain

SKU: WCS-C4R-00880
Wedding Crasher Strain Information You’ve observed the movie, but Have you ever ever heard about the Wedding Crasher strain before?

White Fire OG

SKU: WFOG-C4R-00420

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A true connoisseur strain bred by OG Raskal, the indica leaning 'White Fire OG' has been tightly held and treasured by the cannabis community for the better part of the past decade. This rubbery, kush heavy powerhouse routinely checks in at over 30% THC.

White Runtz

SKU: WRS-C4R-33475

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White Runtz is a balanced hybrid that is a favorite of Runtz fans, fans of citrus, and anyone who craves stress relief. Like most Runtz strains, it has Gelato and Zkittlez in its genetic lineage, the results, in this case, being creamy, sleepy, fruity, and a bag of giggles.

White Widow Strain

SKU: WWS-C4R-00295

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White Widow is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It first received significant recognition in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. It is taking home a big shiny trophy. Of course, it was partly due to the potent THC content, which records about 20% on average.