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SKU: SFV-OGK-C4R-00790

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SFV OG Kush is an indica cross between popular SFV OG and Afghani Kush from the Cali Connection. Besides, its predecessor, SFV OG, is a staple in California’s San Fernando Valley region, where it first made its debut.

Skunkberry Strain


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Skunkberry is one heavenly hybrid! This balanced strain is regarded as one of the oldest hybrids out there. That said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Skunkberry has THC levels ranging anywhere from 15-40%, with an intense euphoric rush and soothing body buzz to combat even the toughest tension!

Sky Cake Strain

SKU: SCS-C4R-00340

Sky Cake Strain Online

Sky Cake is a hybrid cross of LSD and Rocky Mountain Blueberry Kush that impresses due to its sumptuous flavours and high potency. Flavor Profile: Sweet, Fruity and Pungent
  • Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted and Hungry
  • Medical: Stress, Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Lack of Appetite
  • Negative: Dry Mouth and Dry Eyes

Slurricrasher Strain

SKU: SCS-C4R-16161
Slurricrasher is a happy blend of Slurricane and Wedding Crasher. This high is going to come on fast and hard, crashing into your brain with a lifted sense of happy euphoria.

Snow White

SKU: SWS-C4R-25470
This fairy tale strain will have you singing with the birds! Soothing and mellow, Snow White is here to lift your worries and have you floating in the clouds.

Sour Cookies Strain

SKU: SCS-C4R-00010

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Sour Cookies Strain is usually a cross among Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies. The union of these two great-tasting genetics has created an explosion of flavour in The form of Sour Cookies.

Sour Diesel Strain

SKU: SDS-C4R-00995

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Sour Diesel is a sweet sensation despite what its name implies! This sativa hybrid is a ’90s baby through and through. But since the underground weed world of the ’80s and ’90s operated under the radar, its origins are unclear. That said, there are multiple theories behind its lineage.

Strawberry Cough Strain

SKU: SBCS_C4R_00495

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Strawberry Cough is a legendary sativa-dominant hybrid. The first thing you’ll notice about this strain is its mouth-watering flavour and smell.

Strawberry Shortcake

SKU: SSC-C4R-00460

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Strawberry Shortcake was originally bred by Cannarado and pheno hunted by the Jungle Boyz, this multi-state project has produced a top-shelf strain that’s turning heads everywhere.

Sundae Driver

SKU: SDS-C4R-11897
Sundae Driver is a beautiful strain bred from Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie. If we were to describe the strain’s personality, it sure is a “happy-go-lucky” type. You’ll feel good, chatty, and in a great mood to take on whatever comes your way.

Super Lemon Haze

SKU: SLH-C4R-00595

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Super Lemon Haze originated from the Netherlands as a creation of Green House Seeds. It is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

Super Pink Strain

SKU: SPS-C4R-00390
Buy Super Pink Strain Online Super Pink Strain has inherited the aroma of its temperate rainforest home to offer users a fresh and invigorating flavour profile born of pine trees, fresh rain and dank earth.