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5G Strain

SKU: 5GS-C4R-43518
5G Strain  is perfect for day and night. This hybrid packs 24-28% THC on average that will have tokers looking for focus and relaxation but not sedation

Ace Killer OG

SKU: AKOG-C4R-00470

Buy Ace Killer OG Online

Ace Killer OG is the be all end all strain for experiencing everything excellent about getting high. An Indica-dominant hybrid of an astonishing.

Afghan Hammer Strain

SKU: AGH-C4R-00780
Afghan Hammer is a potent and powerful Indica-dominant hybrid strain. With famous parents Afghan and Mazar strains, this cross is a classic for bedtime use that will have you sawing logs in no time! It’s true when they say that good things come in small packages! It will have you experiencing delightful euphoria before putting you to sleep in the best possible way.

Afghan Kush

SKU: AGK-C4R-00800

Buy Afghan Kush Online

Afghan Kush is considered one of the most popular and pure 100% Indica landrace strains out there! Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain range, the Afghan is one cannabis strain that grew by itself in the wild without any human interference. Thanks to mother nature!

Agent Orange Strain

SKU: AOS-C4R-00795

Buy Agent Orange Strain Online

Agent Orange is a strain with a zesty and citrusy blend of potent sativa effects like you’ve never experienced before. Its lineage? Orange Skunk, Jack Cleaner and Space Queen strains.

Alice In Wonderland

SKU: AWL-C4R-87579
Alice in Wonderland is an appropriately named strain that’s rumoured to be a descendant of the equality wonk ‘Willy Wonder’ strain. With chunky, neon-green buds, fruity and floral flavours, and an average THC content of 22%, the Alice in Wonderland strain will take you on a euphoric and creativity-focused journey like no other.

Animal Cookies Strain

SKU: ACK-C4R-00550
Buy Animal Cookies Strain. Animal Cookies strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG.  A popular Indica dominant hybrid with a 26% THC level.  Animal Cookies are incredibly potent and heavy on the lungs. The buds are green with purple hues, frosted, and resinous — a perfect strain for veteran smokers.

Animal Face Strain

SKU: AFS-C4R-00870

Animal Face Strain

Animal Face is a sativa-dominant strain that’s roaring for action. With 25% THC on average, this sweet, forest-scented strain delivers outcomes that’ll make you feel like you’re the King on the Jungle. Its sweet, pine flavor uplifts, refreshes, and relaxes to assist you Stay your very best!

Animal Sherbert Strain

SKU: ASS-C4R-59435
Animal Sherbert is an Indica-dominant hybrid loved by both users and growers for its taste and its frosty appearance. Knowing that it comes from High Times Medical Cannabis Cup should make anyone happy. It’s high THC count makes it a winner all around!

Banana Punch

SKU: BPS-C4R-14491
Banana Punch is a flavorful and potent hybrid cannabis strain that has been gaining popularity in recent years among both recreational and medicinal cannabis users. This strain is a cross between two popular strains, Banana OG and Purple Punch, which results in a potent and flavorful bud with a high THC content.

Berry White Strain

SKU: BWS-C4R-00520

Buy Berry White Strain Online

Berry White’s buds are large and popcorn-shaped, this strain features a combination of soothing light olive green and stunning deep blue hues. Beautiful bursts of bright orange hairs contrast the buds’ colours against a thick layer of  crystal trichomes.

Big Buddha Cheese

SKU: BBC-C4R-09755

Buy Big Buddha Cheese Strain Online

The high is intensely euphoric, making this a good strain for low moods and low energy. Deep relaxation is also common, and some people find Big Buddha Cheese to be a good treatment for insomnia.